Alpha 2

Alpha 2 – The first home servant robot is now under development

Having own personal robot that could perform domestic tasks for you has been in fantasies of many of us. Movies in old times showed these types of robots performing house hold tasks. The movie “Forbidden Planet” released in 1956, showed the concept of personal robots in home for the very time. Since then, scientists and researchers are busy in creating one such robot.

Now this dream has finally become a reality recently. UBTECH robotics, took a step forward in this field and introduced a robot, named “Alpha 2” – a domestic robot, designed to perform daily based house-hold tasks and related services.

According to the company officials, Alpha 2 will be able to talk, respond, and take verbal orders. It could also be able to take pictures on command, upload them on facebook for you. Home security option is also there embedded once you teach the robot, what to look for and when to send alerts in which situation. Interestingly, it can also tell your kids, bedtime stories.

The company has started the campaign for crowd-funding to raise the capital for the robot’s development. It is expected that the company will be ready to ship the robots from the spring of 2016. The price is not yet officially confirmed, but it is expected to be between $1500 and $2000. You can pre-order the robots for just $500.

Alpha2 pretty much looks a human and it’s quite adorable too. The height of the robot is just 17 inches and it weighs about 5 pounds only. Being so compact in size, it won’t be any issue when it comes to maneuverability.

For home security, Alpha 2 is trained to activate the alarm when you leave your home. It could be set to give you alerts when you go to bed. On hearing on unusual noises due to any activity it could give to alerts to see what’s happening.

“Users will have options to select the voice of their choice from the user manual.” According to Chao. You have the option to pick a voice from the preset options. The question of “How human-like would the voice of the robots?” Chao replied, “A big part of our campaign is attracting the developer community to assist in these areas.”

Alpha 2 will be powered by Android Kitkat. It is a long path to travel for the company and the researchers working on these types of robots.

More info can be found on imagiPlay



5 Best CMS to Should Consider For Your Next Website

CMS which stands for Content Management System provides a platform for managing online content for a website. Most of these only provide limited options being based on just drag and drop features for web creation, but the best ones are those which allow you to create a custom website using source code. This helps you to work outside of a rigid environment, allowing you to include several different utilities on your website. As there are dozens of Content management systems on internet to choose from, what follows is a list of some of the best CMS websites to help you choose from amongst the best.


ocPortal can help you build an interactive website. And where usually you need to start with a lower version and then upgrade your website as it grows, ocPortal is different. As with ocPortal all the basic tools are provided in one application. It’s a secure and easy to use platform with an intuitive design. You can also start off with readymade templates, but they’re not too many to choose from as compared to what other CMS can provide.

Example of a ocPortal site: Femina Portal



WordPress is the most popular among CMS software. Be it a blog, or an ecommerce website, WordPress has tools to tackle it all. It has strong community support and is easy to use. And has 30,000+ plugins, and 3000 pre-installed themes to provide. With thousands of plugins comes many business add-ons which can easily and quickly create an impressive ecommerce website. While WordPress has some tools lacking such as basic web creation tools and site wizards, it’s still among one of the best CMS software for websites.

With WordPress, your site is already optimized for search engines right after the installation. If you need more fine-tuned SEO, you can use among thousands of SEO plugins to optimize the site for SEO.

You can host WordPress on any server platform, be it Windows or Linux hosting, WordPress can be hosted. Using WordPress means you have your own independent site and no one has access to your site and its content. This means your own site, your own private data, files and content.

An example of a wordpress site: Home Lottery



WebGUI is another open source web publishing system. It has so many add-ons that schools, colleges and other such organizations, as well as small businesses can utilize them to create a website. For being user friendly, WebGUI also has the drag-and-drop feature, which is among the best tools for conveniently adding content to your website without the need of any coding knowledge. It has good community support and readymade themes too to get started with it quickly.

With WebGUI, you can:

  • Create and publish articles
  • Create forums and participate in forums
  • create photo galleries
  • create surveys and polls and embed them on your site
  • manage any type of project
  • create event calendars with interactivity
  • make complex data entry forms
  • sell, create and advertise products
  • sell and maintain subscription services
  • maintain security of the site with users and groups
  • manage user interfaces by user levels

An example of a webgui site: Knowmad


Drupal is a powerful content management system. It’s open source and is a platform for advanced designers for creating a website which can handle a very large amount of traffic as well as humongous amount of content. Drupal is very flexible and has many of the best add-ons and plugins, but unfortunately isn’t user friendly as it requires advanced level of coding.

Drupal makes it super easy to connect your site to any other service or website on the web, using feeds, and aggregation and search engine connections. Social networking integration is also supported so you can engage with wider audience levels. Drupal also gives your site the ability to interact with external file and media services.

An example of a Drupal site: World Baking Day


Squarespace offers a range of fully responsive templates. So you can create a very professional website which looks good on all devices, without requiring any coding. What makes it standout from others is its easy customization options. You can make alterations as desired to almost everything that’s on your screen. The cons of it is, that it’s not open source. So despite the fact that it’s easily customizable, you’re still restricted to a number of templates.

An example of a squarespace site – Hondikee


Information Technology


IT is an expression that is the wide subject concerned with all aspects of managing with processing information, especially within a big organization or company. This includes all forms of technology used to create, store, utilize and exchange information in its different forms including business data, discussions, motion pictures, still images, and multimedia presentations. IT is not used about personal or house computing and networking.

Inside the Information Technology

The ground of information technology (IT) covers the plan, administration, and hold of computer and telecommunications organizations. Some of the positions in this field contain database and network administrators, computer scientists, computer hold specialists, software programmers and system analysts. The best part of career tracks in IT involves design and operational tasks associated with computer hardware components, networks and software applications.

Skilled in the IT field work with businesses & organizations to set up and support possible computer networks that will keep systems resourceful and reliable. IT encompasses all software and hardware used in the storing, accessing and creation of information. Examples of technologies that professionals work with are databases, firewalls, media storage devices, The Internet, and networks.

The value of IT in Security

With lots of transactions are done online & so much information existing online, it’s important to keep that entire safe. Information technology makes it achievable for your online data to stay protected until accessed by the appropriate channels. Using the encryptions and passwords, information technology hides your personal digital information away, and the only way it can be right to use is by companies who have permitted from you.

Importance and Need of Information Technology


  1. Joint learning.
  2. Genuine and up to date information.
  3. Distance education.
  4. Contact to a variety of learning resources.
  5. Nearness to information.
  6. Anytime learning.
  7. Educational information storage.
  8. Everywhere easy learning.
  9. The Multimedia advance to education.
  10. Reduces time on lots of routine tasks.
  11. Multiple communication chats, channels-e-mail, blogs, forum, etc.
  12. Access to online book banks.
  13. Access to open courseware.
  14. Access to the basis of information.
  15. The teaching of special subjects made interesting.
  16. Better accesses to kids with disabilities.


  1. We need to boost access and bring down the fee of education to meet the challenges of illiteracy and lack of education, IT is the answer.
  2. Information explosion is an ever growing phenomena thus there is the need to get access to this information.
  3. It is a need of the society that the persons must have technological literacy.
  4. Learning of education should meet the requirements of a variety of learners and so IT is important in meeting this want.
  5. The education of information is lifelong procedure therefore anytime anyplace access to it is the need.